Aider [adjective]

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Sun Country is at least the second firm with ties to Apollo to benefit from government aid.

Economists fear that trend could worsen in the fourth quarter without more government aid to struggling households and businesses.

Deutsche Bank economist Brett Ryan estimates a stimulus package may arrive as late as February, in which case aid likely wouldn’t be distributed until early March.

About 30 non-doctors learned first aid from a software system designed to help astronauts.

Members of the Lagos tech startup scene, the continent’s hottest tech ecosystem, and others have raised thousands of dollars to support protesters with food, supplies and legal aid.

Now with a level of tire grip that actually compliments the Land Cruiser’s capability, those aids don’t have to work nearly as hard.

Mnuchin and Pelosi have agreed on several measures to include in a new stimulus plan, including a desire to send another round of $1,200 stimulus checks, more small- business aid and help for the airline industry.

Those funds, unlike the $44 billion FEMA disaster aid, weren’t designated for direct aid to Americans.

As all the deferrals programs run out, and aid from the stimulus fades—unless a new one is forthcoming—defaults will inevitably rise starting in 2021, and as Piepszak noted, lead to a surge in actual charge-offs late in the year.

Which explains why, not too long ago, you’d have found Browning gliding up a mountainside to the aid of an “injured” hiker in England’s Lake District.