Aides [noun]

Definition of Aides:

person who helps

Synonyms of Aides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aides:


Sentence/Example of Aides:

Later, at the close of 1825, he became one of the most active aides of Madame de la Chanterie and her charitable association.

Upon entering the jail with two of his Aides he shook hands with him.

Since the evening before, aides-decamp, leaving the governor's palace, galloped in every direction.

He fell from his horse, and although his aides summoned medical help he died almost immediately.

Aides and war correspondents without number trailed at his heels.

General John S. Tyler was grand-marshal of the day, and he appointed me one of his aides.

The captain, with his aides, entered the hall of reception, and was met by a daimio named Izawa.

A brave officer and a good comrade, he was singled out for praise among the aides-de-camp of Major-General Berthier.

We hurried across to the charts that were our most important aides in proper navigation.

Orderlies and aides-de-camp were speedily in motion, and at the first tap of the reveillé all were on parade.