Ail [verb]

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Accordingly, much the same way that the shareholders may not easily get to know all that is ailing a publicly traded company, we also, by default, know very little about exactly what each atom or molecule on the planet is doing.

A former colleague described how Redfield, a devout Catholic, prayed with the ailing Elijah Cummings, a Democratic congressman from Baltimore, during a visit to the Capitol.

To a crowd that included Mary Hamblet and her ailing mother, Grammie, Mabelle served baked shad and jellied salad, apple crisp, and the homemade graham bread — molasses-sweet and impossibly light — that was famous among her friends.

Because he was placed on the list, Tanvir also claims that he was unable to fly to see his ailing mother in Pakistan and that he had to quit a job as a long-haul trucker because he could no longer fly home to New York after a one-way delivery.

The Postal Service responded to OSHA that it traces contacts of all employees who test positive and encourages ailing employees to stay home.

In thought and sound these verses express ail the frightful horror of this desolation.

Ask them what they ail, or who brought them in this stay, They answer not at all, but "alack!"

Sighing and sobbing, they weep and they wail; I marvel in my mind what the devil they ail.

But Rhodes was expecting too much, considering ail the circumstances.

And if you can now be present on ail such occasions, what will you do when you are dead?