Ailed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ailed:

Franklin took the Middle Tennessee job that same year, to be closer to his ailing mother.

Although the Paycheck Protection Program was intended to help ailing small businesses, it did not require evidence of losses.

Last summer, after several years with the business, I resigned from my position to care full-time for my ailing parents.

Their immediate goal was to encourage the construction of new office buildings in the city’s ailing downtown, where much land sat undeveloped.

Most recently ABG has purchased Brooks Brothers, Forever 21 and Barneys — all ailing for their own set of reasons.

But I always suspected it was a stratagem on his part to avoid playing, and that nothing really ailed him.

Both followed Edward out upon the veranda, asking anxiously what ailed mamma.

Anne could not understand what ailed him, but feared some evil.

My father was struck with the change, and inquired what ailed him.

The man did not rally—and the professor could not say what ailed him.