Aileron [noun]

Definition of Aileron:

organ, device of flight

Synonyms of Aileron:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aileron:

Sentence/Example of Aileron:

Don't slack this, or some gusty day the pilot may unexpectedly find himself minus the aileron control.

The aileron which is lowered catches the air currents flowing beneath the wing on that side.

Wire, Aileron Balance—A wire connecting the right- and left-hand top ailerons.

The left aileron, bending upwards, threw the tottering fabric more and more on one side.

Thus the skin for them is leather, the face un mufle, the mouth un bec, the arm un aileron.

Immediate application of up aileron and opposite rudder quickly brought the amphibian to an even keel once more.

The part of the wing which can be warped is called the aileron.

In that way I depress the aileron on the side I want to sail.

If one wing tends to dip, the aileron on that side is depressed.

I had had the wheel rolled to the right and my left aileron down.