Ailments [noun]

Definition of Ailments:

mild sickness

Synonyms of Ailments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ailments:


Sentence/Example of Ailments:

A troublesome intruding fellow, why can't he keep his ailments to his own barracks?

The symptoms may comprise not only a diversity of physical ailments, but intellectual disturbances of the most terrible import.

At this time Corydon's ailments became acute, and her nervous crises were no longer to be borne.

Hadria would often go to see the old man, trying to cheer him and minister to his growing ailments.

Mrs. Fullerton felt the influence of the weather, and complained of neuralgia and other ailments.

The notary was an old man, and he suffered from sundry ailments which belong to age—notably to rheumatism.

The blacks had very few real cures for ailments, and such as they had were distinctly curious.

Carlyle put his soul into these miscellanies, and the labor and enjoyment of writing made him partially forget his ailments.

He delivered lectures, wrote tracts and essays, gave vent to his humors, and nursed his ailments.

His mind was morbid from intense reflection on certain evils, and from his physical ailments.