Aiming [verb]

Definition of Aiming:

point or direct at a goal

Synonyms of Aiming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aiming:

Sentence/Example of Aiming:

Here they called a halt for a time, and began to hunt vigorously in all directions, aiming at every species of game.

The pastime consisted of riding on horseback and aiming a lance at one of the holes in the broad end of the crossbar.

His eyes were sighting along an instrument of his own devising as if he were aiming some super-gun of a great air cruiser.

And because of these thoughts he had stood irresolute, aiming without firing, and bidding his Mexicans do the same.

For greater secrecy of movement, we divided into small parties, aiming to traverse different roads.

It is about two miles from Jericho crossing to the railroad, the point for which the right wing was aiming.

Aiming at his chest, I pulled the trigger, and then leaped back to avoid him should he spring on me.

Young Starr darted to the right, aiming for some rocks which he fancied might afford partial shelter.

Strange as it may seem, he was aiming for the same point toward which Warren Starr started some time later.

Carefully getting my spear-shaft upright, I lowered the point, and aiming carefully, I struck.