Aims [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aims:

Like art, too, on its representative side, play aims at producing an imitation or semblance of something.

The child now aims at constructing a particular linear representation, that of a man, a horse, or what not.

The shortening of the general hours of work, then, should be among the primary aims of social reform.

Proud as she was of her husband, his aims, and his position in the community, his friends and their themes frankly bored her.

A short triumph will be followed by a deep mortification, and the selfishness of their aims defeats itself.

This simple tale is told in twelve cantos; it aims to be an epic, and in its external form is such.

It aims at giving the pupil all the general knowledge that he requires previous to his professional studies.

Long ago had he lost hope,—so far as personal aims and desires were concerned.

Its aims were never simply to get on; it had an altogether different system of demands and satisfactions.

The two artists who met at Pixis' house got on well together, unlike as they were in their characters and aims.