Aircraft [noun]

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Their work is being supported from the air by a large fleet of state-owned and contractor fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, providing critical Air Attack retardant and water drops with pinpoint accuracy.

As part of her work, she watched videos taken by drone aircraft flying above pods of surfacing whales.

If development of the concepts goes to plan, Airbus will officially kick off its ZEROe aircraft program by 2025, with a full-scale prototype arriving in the latter half of this decade.

This whole system is exacerbated by the fact that it’s not just contracts for privately owned aircraft.

Then a Navy recruiter asked me to take a nuclear-based test – and I’m a really good test taker – so I passed and worked as a nuclear reactor operator on a few different aircraft carriers.

His aircraft has five external tanks that carry retardant and three big clamshell doors on the bottom, each about 22 feet long, which open to deploy the red stuff.

If you were to stack up all the electronic waste produced annually around the world it would weigh as much as all the commercial aircraft ever produced, or 5,000 Eiffel towers.

Currently, many regions manage outbreaks by dumping pesticides on swarms from aircraft, which can harm livestock and the environment.

By agreement, the countdown was to be broadcast to all aircraft over one of the airport frequencies.

Our ears were deafened by the sharp rat-tat-tat of the machine guns, and by our own frantic anti-aircraft fire.