Airdrome [noun]

Definition of Airdrome:

center for transportation by air

Synonyms of Airdrome:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airdrome:


Sentence/Example of Airdrome:

We will always have one plane in the airdrome waiting for such service.

Bill landed his plane on the airdrome and was glad to be back at the base.

Bruce, you will leave with your Flight when you have straightened up the airdrome.

Smith taxied across the airdrome and the plane was soon in the air.

The lights here on the airdrome will be sufficient to land by.

Bill got in and the plane started on its way across the airdrome.

The city of Eugene wants to establish this as a municipal airdrome.

So, as I was saying, we swipe two single-seaters from their trick airdrome and high-tail for the Russian front.

They had seen the airplanes swarming from the ground—they would know an airdrome next time from the air.

He saw the airdrome with the other Squadron ships and led his formation low toward the flying field.