Aired [adjective]

Definition of Aired:

exposed to the air

Synonyms of Aired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aired:

Sentence/Example of Aired:

Prior to the premiere of “Carry On,” the CW aired an hour-long documentary commemorating Supernatural’s 15 seasons and giving members of the large ensemble cast a chance to bid the show farewell.

Unless you’re buying a tree that will suck carbon from the air, most products require land, water and fossil fuels to produce and use.

Entranced, Weller swan-dove headlong into the heart of Ferry’s unwritten sophisti-pop syllabus with airs that were tonier, goofier and made for extraordinarily easier listening than anything the Jam would’ve deigned to do.

The creativity needed to even pull off a weekend of games now has an air of desperation.

Sunshine returns as drier air moves in during the afternoon.

Fox indeed was airing the news conference, and would continue to do so, uninterrupted, for most of its 90 minutes.

“I’ve been privileged to fly this airplane in air shows all over the country,” he said after he climbed out of the cockpit.

Organizers removed the holiday tent, winter stage and workshop but added an open-air gallery that explains the origins of lantern-making in Zigong City, China.

Unlike an art museum, where crowds sometimes form around a single painting, air and space craft are, by necessity, far apart and organized by function, so you don’t need to follow a chronology or narrative.

We’ve obviously seen a real dip in air travel, which is a major driver of emissions.