Airier [adjective]

Definition of Airier:

open to the atmosphere

Synonyms of Airier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airier:

Sentence/Example of Airier:

He laments labor exploitation and the ongoing production of poverty, and he does so at first in ways that in another kind of book would lead to leaden axioms or airy theories.

In the summer drying season, the flats still teem with laborers harvesting salt manually, but there is now a large, airy plant where salt is washed, ground, and iodized in huge metal vats.

It had an “airy crunch with a classic appeal,” that “would hold up to milk, which is nice.”

It’s not as light and airy as the Columbia, but with its polyester and nearly as many pores as the Strata, it breathed well.

That’s where you’re just getting this massive amount of these light, airy aerosols that can just float in the air.

Most of us think about summer as the time for all things bright-hued and airy—even down to our nails.

I have seen the Indians of Bon-Airy do it, and have myself tried the experiment.

They enclosed him within their circle, and their light and airy forms sped swiftly about him.

It was big and cool and airy, in spite of the fact that supper preparations were going on at one end of it.

Mount Airy is built of brown stone and trimmed with light stone furnishing a colorful contrast.