Airily [adverb]

Definition of Airily:

gently, effortlessly

Opposite/Antonyms of Airily:

Sentence/Example of Airily:

"He is where all those who cross the will of Condillac must sooner or later find themselves," said Marius airily.

Aristide disengaged himself, waved his hand airily towards Perigueux, and smiled blandly.

I tried to, but he brushed it aside airily and told me to attend to my own affairs and light one of his cigars.

This was chanted lightly, airily, with a sweetness almost absurd, coming as it did from so uncouth a musician.

For there were many brown-ribbed skeletons swaying airily among the chafing boughs.

When Mrs. Howard opened her door she saw three airily attired figures flying up the third-story stairs.

I mean the sky and the sea and the ship and all the people dressed so airily and looking so unconscious of what has gone before.

"They think that they can deceive me," de Marmont was saying airily.

"You ought to just take off on your own, Reynolds," Jig Hollins suggested airily.

"I've come to say good-bye for the present, Miss Inglis," he airily remarked, as if his visit were a matter of course.