Airinesses [noun]

Definition of Airinesses:

the state of being light

Synonyms of Airinesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airinesses:


Sentence/Example of Airinesses:

And about him there was a gaiety, an airiness of spirit, an atmosphere of enjoyment which bespoke one who is in love with life.

He left me at last to dance with Katy, who makes up in grace and airiness what she lacks in knowledge.

The second basin is supported on a forest of slender columns which give an airiness and a necessary lightness to the whole.

He laughed again, and, dismissing the subject with airiness somewhat exaggerated, drew out his huge gilt snuffbox.

There is an airiness and transparency in that corner of the canvass, which we in vain seek elsewhere.

It was really truly 'fantastical' from the airiness of its little cupolas and galleries, and was in tolerable order.

Nothing showed more vividly the peculiarity of Joan's unearthly airiness than the way in which the death affected her.

They are called beasts that have no ingenuity: and women without airiness, have generally but small sence of love.

Dorothy Roden was not slow of speech, but she touched topics with less airiness.

The walls are light in color, while the general effect is one of light and airiness.