Airings [noun]

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And I may add that the baby in arms was rarely trusted to this functionary, except for airings in the garden under my eye.

Rachel was a girl about thirteen, who carried the baby out for airings; and she came upstairs at the call.

I have known a number of bears to come out toward spring for brief airings and sunnings.

Walking fatigues mecarriage airings irritate the throatI can no longer work, or even read, seriously.

She had taken him out for one of those airings on a July afternoon, when he had nearly accomplished his seventh year.

The king has not even an equerry with him, nor the queen any lady to attend her when she goes her airings.

All were well dressed and well educated; the nursery maids and the infants went out for their airings in a carriage and pair.

On these he calculated with so much earnestness, that he had made a regular scale or classification of them—l. Airings; 2.

Thus, facing each other, with no one else in the roomy carriage, their airings suggested a conscious public manifestation.

Yes, she was able to take carriage airings, and to be driven about in a small phaeton by the neatest whip in Europe.