Airline [noun]

Definition of Airline:

air carrier

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Sentence/Example of Airline:

They were the first airline to require masks for flight attendants, and among the first to say they would not let customers fly who refused to wear masks.

The crystallization of aviation’s potentially hydrogen-hued future does nothing to change the fact that, in 2020, airlines are far more preoccupied with staying alive than they are with taking on new aircraft.

Prices for the holidays should be attractive, given that airlines need to boost demand.

The airline kept mentioning the process used to clean the airplane.

That said airlines have instituted some measures to help reduce that risk.

In its tests, the airline found that the new process drops the average processing time by 70 seconds.

At least one airport is already using dogs this way to screen airline passengers.

Within that time frame, airlines, hotels, and home-sharing providers started rolling out new policies to protect travelers’ health.

There’s also a dedicated laptop sleeve, so in theory the SEG42 presents itself as a single solution for all kinds of travel, from weekend camping to airline-based work trips when we’re flying again.

All of this may persuade at least some Chase Sapphire Reserve customers to hold on to their card even though brunch and airline purchases have become few and far between.