Airliners [noun]

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As of now, airliners are only offering the flights on a limited basis and their ticket sales are likely to make little to no impression on balance sheets.

Commercial airliners today whisk passengers through the air at high speeds, but they can’t come close to breaking the speed of sound.

It’s not normal for a brand-new airliner to fall out of the sky.

Despite appearances, most airliners are considerably safer than eating indoors in a restaurant.

If a New Guinea savage wants to take passage aboard a Qantas airliner, what is the fare in cowrie shells?

"Kidnap plot linked to airliner crash killing fifty," she read.

Finally, flying coast to coast in a jet airliner gives an exposure of between three and five milliroentgens on each trip.

An airliner he had been riding in had made a forced landing, had nosed over pretty hard, and had banged him up a little.