Airplanes [noun]

Definition of Airplanes:

vehicle that transports cargo or passengers through the air

Synonyms of Airplanes:

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Sentence/Example of Airplanes:

I mean just the fact of something gliding—a butterfly, a model airplane, a folded-up sheet of paper.

In April, survey software provider Qualtrics conducted a study that found 75% of Americans didn’t feel comfortable flying on an airplane at the time.

This is one of the lessons I learned, all too well, when I was trying to support my college education by cleaning the insides of airplanes at LAX in the middle of the night.

The two founded the company in 2017 with the vision of trying to get airplanes flying autonomously as quickly as possible.

On July 22, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to introduce the first-ever emissions regulations for airplanes in the United States.

Zoomed over the German lines in the war, stoking an airplane, although at that time he was only a kid.

The airplane pitched and swerved as the pilot changed course to disturb the aim of the bombers.

For a moment Johnnie stood near his beacon, vainly straining his ears for some further trace of an airplane.

So Jimmy and Carl found themselves housed for the night in a very comfortable home, close by the airplane.

Just as Jimmy was starting for his ship, he saw that the other airplane was landing close to where his own ship stood.