Airport [noun]

Definition of Airport:

center for transportation by air

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Sentence/Example of Airport:

Testing is crucial both for passenger confidence and for the confidence of border authorities, and—given the volume of passengers passing through large airports—speed is of the essence.

At one point the airport itself questioned the legality of the fee and moved to join the litigation, but later backed away from the challenge.

Humanitarian permits can be granted for medical treatment and some businessmen get more expansive permits that allow them to use the airport and pass freely at checkpoints.

Limiting touchpoints and unnecessary face-to-face interactions will change the way airports operate.

The opening will give the UAE’s biggest carriers—Emirates and Etihad—an opportunity to feed Israeli passengers through their airport hubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, respectively, connecting to destinations further east and west.

They don’t often think about working on “the ramp” side of the airport, in behind-the-scenes jobs that few people seek out but can teach you quite a bit about life and yourself.

As Good Jobs First has found, Amazon strategically places warehouses where there is a concentration of disposable income, Amazon Prime subscribers, and easy access to highways and airports.

The paper says the largest sums were lost at airports in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas and Dallas.

Grandjean would like to see more airports and border crossings use dogs to find infected people.

Going to work right now feels like going through airport security.