Airships [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Airships:

Google co-founder Sergey Brin also started an airship company.

In tax-paying circles it is said that the fashionable thing will be to start now and let the airship overtake you if it can.

They made a cluster of flashing color whose center point was a tiny airship, a speedster, a gay little craft.

Then, for the second time, the stricken airship blundered over us, this time in the direction of the sea.

Instantly, the proposition filled the air with airship talk.

The airship had been resting upon what seemed to be a little ridge.

The first man-carrying airship was built by Henri Giffard in 1852.

The first airship destroyed in the air was attacked over Ghent.

The submarine, the airship, the mine—in less than half an hour, a fleet might be at the bottom.

When the monster airship landed, the Chums were not fifty feet away, and stood taking in everything as it slowly settled to earth.