Airstrip [noun]

Definition of Airstrip:

airplane landing area

Synonyms of Airstrip:

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Sentence/Example of Airstrip:

Often we’d spend longs days at the Toledo Airport, a tiny municipal airstrip where he and his friends would parachute out of small, dubious, single-engined airplanes while I would pack parachutes.

The engineer tapped on the microphone, and the tap, greatly amplified, reverberated across the airstrip.

Then the firing area was passed and the jeep sped along next to the miles-long black, oiled path of the airstrip.

At Umiat (June 25, 1952), ptarmigan were using seven dusting pits on the shoulder of the airstrip.

There, on the proving ground, they watched a big transport-plane land on a makeshift airstrip.

He saw several flocks of ducks including one containing "about a dozen ducks" at ponds along a roadway and at an airstrip.

Shandor took a cab to the Georgetown airstrip, checked the fuel in the 'copter.