Airtight [adjective]

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If you don’t, well, you can use plastic wrap or store them in airtight containers on the parchment paper.

While an adhesive patch may stave off a leak for one night if you’re out in the backcountry, the only permanent solution for a puncture or tear is a glue that will bond with the fabric to create an airtight seal.

If the standing requirement did not exist, there is a plausible — though not exactly airtight — argument that the ex-mandate is indeed unconstitutional.

Fecal matter is sealed into airtight bags and stored in canisters, most of which are packed onto a cargo ship that gets launched back towards Earth and burns up as it re-enters the atmosphere.

The bean hopper lid features an airtight seal which will help keep your grinds fresh if you are grinding for more than one cup at a time.

The whole was bound together with a molecular cement that made it practically airtight.

If there is no hole in the filler cap, the latter should not be screwed down so tightly that an airtight joint will be formed.

A warm floor is secured by laying it double with an airtight interlining of roofing paper or similar substance.

He'd bought a suit of airtight coveralls and a helmet at the field; he had some cash, and a set of reader cards in his pocket.

I find more sickness among the colored people where their cabins are better built and airtight.