Airway [noun]

Definition of Airway:

ventilating pipe

Synonyms of Airway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airway:


Sentence/Example of Airway:

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, which opens your airway and allows you to bring more air into your lungs, Almeyda explains.

Birds and people have different types of this protein in their upper airway, but pigs have both.

This was when most patients’ upper airway virus production had already peaked.

We cant get out this way, said Tom; well have to go up through the airway.

Then, with a glance at the sleeping boy, Come ye up the airway a bit.

If you are unable to obtain an effective airway, then the other procedures are to be of no avail.

The cuff is a small latex cuff which should prevent leakage of air around the tube, thus insuring an adequate airway.

This is a plastic tube which is inserted into the trachea, into the windpipe, to allow an adequate airway, adequate breathing.

Therefore, for expediency's sake I went directly to that level to obtain control of the airway.

No person shall place refuse in, or obstruct any airway or breakthrough used as an airway.