Aisle [noun]

Definition of Aisle:

passageway dividing something

Synonyms of Aisle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aisle:


Sentence/Example of Aisle:

Whole Foods, for example, has a section of its cracker aisle devoted to organic puffed rice and popcorn snacks for the gluten-averse or -intolerant.

TJ’s is your one-stop shop for car camping, says Jump, because not only are the aisles packed with great snacks, but there are tons of heat-and-eat meal options, too.

CEOs need not call out individuals or political parties or take potshots at leaders on either side of the aisle.

You might recognize these mirrors as the ones that are sometimes mounted above shopping aisles or placed outside driveways to keep drivers from backing into things.

It is an aisle seat, close to the exit, which means that you can be quick about leaving when the opera ends.

I hope my friends across the aisle will continue to make this a bipartisan effort instead of catering to the shifting views the President conveys over Twitter.

He was alarmed to see the toilet-paper aisle completely cleaned out.

I put down my haid, and was just kinda dragged up the aisle and onto the platform.

The priest of Nicaragua with solemn mien strides up the aisle and lights the altar candles with the fire struck from his cigar.

It consists of a nave of four bays, a south aisle, chancel, and massive western embattled tower.