Aisles [noun]

Definition of Aisles:

passageway dividing something

Synonyms of Aisles:

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Sentence/Example of Aisles:

In those dim aisles and mighty halls brooded a Presence that he knew could soothe and comfort.

This was no doubt used in constructing the roof of the westward extension of the nave and aisles.

At the corners of the aisles are rectangular buttresses and two similar ones stand at the ends of the main walls of the nave.

I climbed through the brambles over the wall, and walked down the aisles of potatoes toward her.

The March sunshine slants in pale shafts through the clerestory windows, leaving the aisles in shadow.

The nave is modern (by Street, 1877), imitating the choir of the 14th century, with its curious skeleton-vaulting in the aisles.

This church is a parallelogram, without east or west windows or aisles, and is built upon a fine groined crypt.

The interior consists of a broad, ornamentally roofed nave (resting upon twelve high narrow pillars of stone), and two aisles.

Eastward of the stalls the choir was formerly separated from the aisles by screens of elaborate tracery work.

The general plan of the earlier work of the aisles was followed in the new bay.