Ajar [adverb]

Definition of Ajar:

slightly open

Synonyms of Ajar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ajar:


Sentence/Example of Ajar:

It was ajar, and Kerry, taking an electric torch from his overall pocket, flashed the light upon the name-plate.

Edna had discovered it accidentally one day when the high-board gate stood ajar.

He and Queeker stood in the passage and saw the bed, the invalid, and the watcher through an inner door which stood ajar.

I went to the stranger's room, and listened at his door, which was slightly ajar.

With our door ajar we watched the ghastly struggle between the faithful mongrel and the assassin.

As the corridor was empty and the door at the end ajar, he could see and hear what went on in the room.

Shortly the trapper was forced to make a latch so that the dog could not pull it ajar by the strength of his jaws and legs.

Taking a long time about it, he managed to set the closed door ajar.

He crossed the room to the ante-chamber and listened at the door which he had left ajar.

The door was ajar, and someone pushed it shut and locked it.