Alabaster [adjective]

Definition of Alabaster:

smooth and white

Synonyms of Alabaster:

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Sentence/Example of Alabaster:

See also the vignette on title page, copied from an alabaster slab in the Collegio Romano, originally from the Catacombs.

This day Mrs. Russell did give my wife a very fine St. George, in alabaster, which will set out my wife's closett mightily.

Round the chapel, known as the Dean's Chapel, there was a fine copper railing decorated with small alabaster figures.

The form stretched its lovely arms, white as alabaster, and presently the hands rubbed a pair of sleepy eyes.

An elegant monument of alabaster, with a bust of Pepys, taken from his portrait in the National Gallery, was unveiled in 1884.

They preferred the small clocks in ebony or alabaster casings with ormolu mounts.

The steps were broad white slabs of alabaster which gleamed in the shadows as he went lower and lower.

Severnius took an alabaster cup from the base of the statue, filled it, and offered me a drink.

Thou alabaster,Broken at last, to fill the house of GodWith rich celestial fragrance!

Within, there is a curious mutilated alabaster figure, apparently a Virgin and Child, and there is an old mural painting.