Alameda [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Alameda:

Along the bank of the Rimac there is a new promenade planted with four rows of trees, called the alameda nueva.

On their approach becoming known, a great number of persons proceeded from Callao to the Alameda to meet them.

They were standing in toward Diamond Head and the Alameda lay hove to taking on the pilot.

For those portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties visited a population of at least 2,400 is therefore indicated.

Alameda Island is described as having "a very thick grove of oaks and live oaks on the banks of the estuary."

We arrived at the Alameda, but before reaching it there are three little creeks, one of which could irrigate a garden.

Come to the alameda to-morrow, and pick out a señorita to be your own private property.

The alameda was thronged by a motley crowd, presenting more varied features than are to be seen in any other part of the world.

From all quarters of the town came the inhabitants to the alameda, and the vast promenade presented a singularly gay appearance.

It came nearer and nearer, and those in the alameda began to add their voices to the din.