Alar [adjective]

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Alar'con, king of Barca, who joined the armament of Egypt against the crusaders, but his men were only half armed.

From long disuse marked alar collapse may interfere with the good results of the operation.

Two spotted ones, whose skins I have preserved, are smaller, being only thirty-four inches in alar extent.

Horses drag the single carriage up the slight gradient to Alar; it returns by the force of its own impetus.

As the grey-bearded superintendent told us, Alar was the first town on the island to have electric light installed.

"The children of Alar seem good," remarked the Lady, who has the gift of saying graceful things.

Our vessel was called the Alar, and she belonged to Mr. Crockford.

Alar frenum: a small ligament crossing the supra-alar groove toward the root of the wing: Hymenoptera.

Ante-alar sinus: Odonata; a grooved area extending transversely immediately in front of the base of each front wing.

Intra-alar bristles: in Diptera; a row of two or three between the supra-alar and dorso-central groups.