Alarming [adjective]

Definition of Alarming:

causing fear

Synonyms of Alarming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alarming:

Sentence/Example of Alarming:

Stewart, who was born Sherri Patterson, lay in the bed that she has barely left since August 2019 because of an alarming neurological decline.

That should be especially alarming to Republicans, since the FiveThirtyEight model believes that Pennsylvania is the likeliest state to decide the 2020 election.

This month’s job numbers indicate that we could be reaching that point, which is quite alarming given how far below the pre-pandemic peak those industries still are.

At Notre Dame, we have already seen that a few isolated cases can reach 600 very quickly, due to the alarming way the coronavirus spreads.

As a scholar of social movements and media studies, I see an alarming split between the types of content consumed by right-wing reactionaries and left-wing social justice advocates.

Of all the crises with which we must grapple, this might be the most alarming.

While that uptick may seem small, it’s actually “significant and somewhat alarming,” the report’s authors point out.

San Diego County has seen an alarming spike in fatal overdoses.

What is known is that after rising at an alarming pace starting in May, new cases of covid-19 in Sun Belt states like Florida have started to fall.

These tactics are roughly ordered from least to most alarming.