Alarmingly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Alarmingly:

My wife is very much better, having been the early part of this year alarmingly ill.

In fact, to her father's eyes she was somewhat alarmingly bright and fair.

I had to calculate carefully how much these people could take without realizing there was something alarmingly different about me.

His only brother, Francis, whose delicate health had always been a cause of much anxiety, became alarmingly ill.

Since the migration of our people in such great numbers, the church facilities are alarmingly inadequate.

He is wonderful for the rapidity with which he "picks up" after looking alarmingly feeble and even wasted.

The hostile line of battle was pressing alarmingly near, and, moreover, it had begun at last to converge on the flanks of the gun.

On April 16 Byron was alarmingly ill, and, according to Parry, almost constantly delirious.

The crack in the shell of his privacy was widening alarmingly and peeping through, he shuddered at what he saw.

This became alarmingly plain in a very short time after the day, August 1, on which Bouquet began to cut it.