Alarmist [noun]

Definition of Alarmist:

person who spreads alarm

Synonyms of Alarmist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alarmist:


Sentence/Example of Alarmist:

After the losses in our last battle, I trust that I shall no longer be regarded as an alarmist.

Berwick was puzzled but he knew that Jim was no alarmist who would start on a wild goose chase, without rhyme or reason.

The alarmist tells us that armaments are our only sure guarantee of peace.

I am rather the other way, so they call me a cynic and an alarmist.

In addition to the alarmist and the prejudiced, careful and thoughtful citizens were aroused to the danger.

“I never looked upon you as an alarmist before,” he replied, glancing at his watch.

Roly is a great alarmist; but I cannot see any harm at all going on; and I do hate wars, and faction-fights.

Are the days we live so fraught with the dangers of Imperialism as to justify the fears of the alarmist?

However, I don't want to depress you and play the alarmist so soon after your return to London.

The Sun is no alarmist, but it can see in recent events what it believes to be a preparation for war.