Alas [interjection]

Definition of Alas:


Synonyms of Alas:





Dear me

Too bad

Woe is me

Opposite/Antonyms of Alas:


Sentence/Example of Alas:

“Alas, mon bon Monsieur, it goes from bad to worse,” sighed the old man.

From a sense of justice, I hastened to remunerate those who had been deprived of their coign of vantage, but, alas!

For we have, alas, no means of finding out what the quantity of labor is and how it can be measured.

And out of this thicket, alas, no two people ever emerge hand in hand in concord.

Alas, its colour was other than the deep chestnut bronze of Georgie Haggard's.

But when the railway was opened from Portsmouth to Nine Elms in 1840, and did the journey in three hours, there were, alas!

But her story of the death of poor Bellairs, the man who had loved her, had convinced him that his suspicions were, alas!

In l. 87 I delete alas after him, which makes the line a whole foot too long, and is not required.

Jack is my favourite of all the loose fish I have known, and if ever I take up my place again—alas!

For my part, I know no more charming sight than those village dances, becoming, alas!