Albeit [conjunction]

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The doctrine of international free trade, albeit the most conspicuous of its applications, was but one case under the general law.

Mr. Grote's motion was further opposed by Mr. Charles Buller, albeit he was his friend.

Albeit did Sigvaldi, the Earl, let his ships fall astern and took he no part in the battle.

After the battle whereof we have but now heard related, all the men of the countryside hailed King Harald, albeit some few fled.

No detailed description of this measure, albeit it was “second in importance to the Reform Act alone,” is needed here.

And in her face was an expression of exquisite sweetness—albeit now there were distracting emotions mingled with it.

At this rebuke Leonard coloured up still more, albeit the words were spoken with evident kindness.

And albeit first the said Count demanded with cries to be shriven; yet did they not grant him a friar or a priest to confess him.

And when he departed, albeit he may have had no suspicion of that fact, Mr. Croker left his chieftaincy behind.

The Australian girl's voice was quiet, albeit it trembled slightly.