Albino [adjective]

Definition of Albino:

having light-colored hair

Synonyms of Albino:

Opposite/Antonyms of Albino:

Sentence/Example of Albino:

One mutation on a single gene turns an animal into an albino.

The skin of a white person and that of an albino show up the same under a microscope: white.

Very likely it's the six-toed beast Terry was sending us to cross with the four-toed albino.

One of them, who was an almost albino blond, flushed to the roots of his pale hair.

He was a short, heavy-set Sirian with a shock of scarlet hair, albino skin, and red eyes.

An albino form of Cattleya Bowringiana had never been heard of, but he thought it might exist.

Albino Cattleyas were few then, and Roezl alone perhaps ventured to imagine that every red species had a white sister.

It was not beyond reason that there could be an albino sturgeon.

Next morning I crossed the island to bid the Albino farewell.

When we returned to the hotel, the Albino was smoking in the verandah.