Albinos [noun]

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Abnormal colors in flowers are among the most common freaks in wild plants, and none are more frequent than the albinos.

Next to the albinos the instances where the floral parts approach leaves in size and color are the most common.

Idiots blush seldom, blind people and hereditary albinos, a great deal.

Albinos are at times seen amongst them, who are described as having very fair complexions, light hair, and blue or pink eyes.

Among many savage or barbarous peoples of the world albinos have been reserved for the priestly office.

Albinos—a term applied to such individuals—are commonly of feeble constitution, and may exhibit imperfect mental development.

It is a- 64 - mystery to me where all the albinos occasionally to be seen in the London bird markets come from.

Besides, in nine cases out of ten the abnormally white birds are not albinos.

We sometimes noticed Albinos, with greyish-blue eyes and light straw-coloured hair.

Albinos are rare, but we have in the Museum collections a mounted specimen which was taken at Ann Arbor.