Albs [noun]

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He had been buried in the vestments peculiar to his office, viz., the alb and tunic.

He wore, I think, a chasuble, the day when first we met; A stole and snowy alb likewise: I recollect it yet.

So I could see the priest in cassock, alb and stole as he would stand before some makeshift altar lit with candles.

It results from removing the chasuble and expanding the alb.

And the deacons came in and began to unrobe him, and took from him the alb and the girdle, the maniple and the stole.

In later times the chausuble and alb were sometimes made of coloured materials.

The dalmatic was a garment shorter than the alb, slit up for a distance on either side.

Mr. Tom had divested himself of his alb or surplice, and came forward habited in his cassock and great black periwig.

Subucula, sū-buk′ū-la, n. a man's under-garment or shirt: in the early English church, a kind of cassock worn under the alb.

The word surplice is derived from it, being an alb roomy enough to wear over a pellice.