Albums [noun]

Definition of Albums:

blank book for collecting; holder

Synonyms of Albums:

Opposite/Antonyms of Albums:


Sentence/Example of Albums:

At 255 Mbps, a phone user could instantly download an album of songs or grab an entire HD movie in a few minutes.

That’s also why it takes a few weeks for most couples to get the full wedding album.

The company’s technology, Musk hopes, will one day help paralyzed people walk and even save memories so that people review them like they leaf through photo albums.

His team got together to finish the album, which debuted at No.

Like the music industry, the goal is to keep our fans motivated to come back to our shows and continue to buy our albums and give them an experience that affects them personally, emotionally, and physically.

He had an album coming out in two weeks, which he planned to use TikTok to promote.

Dre Island’s debut project is a powerful reggae, spiritual and uplifting album that will take you on a journey to Jamaica without having to leave your chair.

American R&B star John Legend is doing a major live show on Thursday June 25 to promote his new album, Bigger Love.

Lately, in the form of the Broadway show American Utopia, which began life as an album and a tour.

In the decades that followed, sales of LPs grew steadily, soaring to a high of 341 million albums sold in 1978.