Alchemical [adjective]

Definition of Alchemical:

concerned with atom and molecule change

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Sentence/Example of Alchemical:

In pursuing his alchemical researches, he discovered Prussian blue, and the animal oil which bears his name.

To behold “Diana unveiled” was equivalent in alchemical terminology to attaining the magnum opus.

That on the Continent it had descended through the Rosicrucians in an alchemical form seems more than probable.

Djafar may thus be considered as having solved the grand alchemical problem of obtaining gold in a potable state.

Moreover, no fact known respecting the pyramids or their builders is inconsistent with the astrological (and alchemical) theory.

In all the alchemical doctrines mystical connections are evident, and mystical origins can generally be traced.

According to another, he is pictured as a hermaphroditic being, a concept we frequently come across in alchemical literature.

What relevant facts were known supported alchemical and astrological hypotheses.

(2c) And the difference is important as showing beyond question the a priori nature of alchemical reasoning.

A society 176 exists to-day the object of which is to further the knowledge of alchemical science.