Alchemies [noun]

Definition of Alchemies:

medieval science

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Sentence/Example of Alchemies:

Their work revealed the strange alchemy at work inside the nucleus of an atom.

Pleasantly chewy, it melts easily on the tongue, a seemingly magical alchemy of sugar and protein.

There are so many scenes — Majella sitting in her late grandmother’s farmhouse, having sex in the storeroom or recalling a batch of drowned kittens — that feel like literary alchemy.

Cheesemaking, mankind’s long-­running alchemy of controlled rot, involves transforming perishable milk into something exponentially more complex, long-lasting, and valuable.

The result should be an earnest historical novel about the brutal struggle for fair wages, but through the alchemy of Walter’s voice, “The Cold Millions” is a work of irresistible characters, harrowing adventures and rip-roaring fun.

Add invisibility, then, to the feats of optical alchemy that may be made possible by tracking control.

But a doctor Faustus, in his cell littered with books and instruments of alchemy, would love always to have a cat for a companion.

It is for them to protect themselves from death,—the whole purpose of alchemy lies there, sire.

Among his minor works occurs a treatise on alchemy, which seems to show that he was a devout believer in the science.

But, like so many master-minds of the Middle Ages, he was unable wholly to resist the fascinations of alchemy and astrology.