Alchemistic [adjective]

Definition of Alchemistic:

secret, concealed

Opposite/Antonyms of Alchemistic:

Sentence/Example of Alchemistic:

I inwardly cursed the writer of that alchemistic letter, and cursed myself for heeding the contents.

Paracelsus mentions having visited the Fugger mines at Schwatz in the Tyrol in connection with his alchemistic studies.

He showed that neither the peripatetic nor the alchemistic elements satisfied this definition.

Allow me briefly to refer to a few men of the alchemistic type whose records may be considered with advantage.

In the second place, we must notice the nature of alchemistic language.

Its elements would not be finer, were they the golden and potent stars of alchemistic and astrological dreams.

Locke seems to have had some faith in the alchemistic process, but it is plain that Newton had none.

If we are ever to understand the meaning of Alchemy aright we must look at the subject from the alchemistic point of view.

And especially does it help to explain the alchemistic notions regarding the nature of the metals.

Pictorial symbols of death and decay representative of such processes are to be found in several alchemistic books.