Alchemists [noun]

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Book after book, the famous alchemist Paulo Coelho has transmuted leaden cliches into publishing gold.

Ever since, this mathematical form has signified the extraterrestrial, and it became a beloved symbol of alchemists and astrologists.

A chemist would regard it as waste of time to discuss his science with an alchemist.

The emphatic al places the alchemist as much above the ordinary chemist as the gold which he obtains is superior to other metals.

This celebrated alchemist lived to be one hundred and thirty years old,—an age which some biographers give to Marion de Lorme.

At this period the alchemist is represented by his descendant as a Puritan impregnated with the secret doctrine of Robert Fludd.

Orschall still accepted the old alchemist tradition but was sound in practice and was the best authority on copper.

"You must take me there," said Paul, smiling good-humoredly at the reference to the alchemist.

He was not exactly an alchemist; he was an astrologer, and there are the ruins of his tower in the park.

Winter, like the alchemist who once made a diamond by chance, in Balzac's novel, has never recovered the creative moment.