Alcoholism [noun]

Definition of Alcoholism:

alcohol abuse

Synonyms of Alcoholism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alcoholism:


Sentence/Example of Alcoholism:

The disgraced reporter, who is struggling with alcoholism, loses her job.

At a disciplinary hearing a year later, a judge ruled that her alcoholism and mental health posed a “substantial threat of irreparable harm to the public” and suspended Dwyer-Jones from practicing law for a year.

It must be borne in mind that chronic alcoholism makes a number of serious organic diseases run a latent course.

Wounds of the head, alcoholism, and epilepsy are prominent factors in the production of circular insanity.

Where it comes on without obvious cause there is commonly a bad family history of nervousness or alcoholism.

Already you have a semi-comic "gold-cure" for alcoholism, and you have heard of the geophagism of certain African tribes.

For cases of alcoholism in the earlier stages there is but little difficulty.

Just this same thing is true with advanced cases of alcoholism.

Alcoholism in the parents is frequently the cause of mental deficiency.

The evils of morphinism are even greater than those of alcoholism, and their transmission no less sure.