Alcove [noun]

Definition of Alcove:

nook, secluded spot

Synonyms of Alcove:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alcove:


Sentence/Example of Alcove:

As well as embedding objects in them, some had small, undecorated alcoves just big enough for a single person to crouch within.

Gwynne walked about the large old-fashioned room with its bow-window, and alcove for the bed.

In a special alcove was a large number of priceless Fourteenth and Sixteenth Century editions.

In the shadow of an alcove seat Maxwell stood with a small black envelope in his hand.

Cheap, but pretty, curtains hung before the windows and about the alcove where the bed was.

They stepped aside into an alcove set with card-tables, and Susannah gazed away from her companion and down the crowded ballroom.

On the other, through a curtained alcove, he could see a tiny lavatory.

I gave one glance at the body which had fallen on its face and then I dived for the alcove.

One was working a sewing-machine, and in the alcove behind was their bedroom.

It was tree-bordered, it was a center gem in a dim alcove in the forest, it was as secret as a private chamber.