Alcoves [noun]

Definition of Alcoves:

nook, secluded spot

Synonyms of Alcoves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alcoves:


Sentence/Example of Alcoves:

Extraordinary bays and alcoves, never before dreamed of by the Ecole des Beaux Arts gave light and shadow to long walls.

Many surprising little alcoves and odd, cell-like rooms were distributed all through the church.

Instantly they scrambled out of their alcoves, pulled on their coats and trousers; and noiselessly stole out into the night.

In alcoves half-veiled with silken curtains stood statues in gold and bronze.

All through both alcoves Harvey searched, and his face was rather pale when he and Frank returned to the table.

Many unexpected alcoves and corridors, and in these the old furniture was worn and decayed.

A large room was shelved around in alcoves, reserved for some particular kind of books.

Shandor found a reading booth in one of the alcoves on the second floor, and plugged in the index.

We were shown to an apartment in which were two alcoves containing beds.

He remembered its restful quiet, the coolness of its aisles and alcoves.