Ale [noun]

Definition of Ale:

intoxicating, fermented beverage

Synonyms of Ale:





Opposite/Antonyms of Ale:


Sentence/Example of Ale:

Pour the mixture over the ice in the bowl, then top with the chilled ginger ale.

India pale ale, the bolder, hop-forward ale commonly referred to as IPA, leads the pack as the most in-demand style of craft beer in the country, with no sign of giving up its position.

In 1603 it was ordered that one quart of best ale, or two of small, should be sold for one penny.

A traveler coming, wet and cold, into a country ale-house on the coast of Kent, found the fire completely blockaded.

If it would rain good barrels of ale, now, sorrow would not so much mind being out in the storm.

That night Mr. Parsons visited a public house, paid for a glass of ale, and consulted the directory.

The neighbours tell one another good stories in church time, and inquire during the sermon where they can get the best ale.

Many other lords made vows anent sundry matters, & all men drank the heirship ale.

Thence with Mr. Wayth after drinking a cupp of ale at the Swan, talking of the corruption of the Navy, by water.

One man set up a shop, at which bad foreign beer was sold as English ale at 1s.