Aleatory [adjective]

Definition of Aleatory:

not planned

Synonyms of Aleatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aleatory:

Sentence/Example of Aleatory:

This was the aleatory element in life, the element of risk and loss, good or bad fortune.

The aleatory element has always been the connecting link between the struggle for existence and religion.

It was only by religious rites that the aleatory element in the struggle for existence could be controlled.

The folkways, deeply concerned in the aleatory interest, work out the applications.

There is behind them an assumption as to the character and logic of the superior powers who rule the aleatory interest.

The aleatory element still remains, and it is still irrational, but the attitude of men towards it is changed.

There is a great change in the mores of the entire modern society about the aleatory element.

Religion, in its connection with marriage, takes its function from the aleatory interest.

Some are aleatory, but the light-minded or interested alone call them so.

At best the actor's is an aleatory profession and, as in all games of chance, the losses score highest.