Alee [adverb]

Definition of Alee:

ahead, beyond

Synonyms of Alee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alee:

Sentence/Example of Alee:

With anchor atrip and helm alee, Jack mourns not, no matter whither bound.

The men put spurs to their mules, Alee gave the lash to my horse, and we started.

Alee, the guide, was at my right side settling my lumbering foot in my stirrup.

Perhaps Larby himself had seen me, or perhaps my own guide, Alee, had betrayed me to his friend and "brother."

During Mohammad 'Alee's rule, all traces of the state and circumstance of the Memlook court gradually passed away.

The flood tide making over the shoals sets in with a thrussh of broken water alee of the wreck.

Mohammad Alee had Egypt and Syria, and was mounting the steps of the sultan's throne.

He became one of Saadut Alee's favourite orderlies, and rose to the command of a squadron.

And upon this, 'Alee Noor-ed-Deen landed with his slave-girl, and gave the master five pieces of gold.

Alee threw himself upon my horse, while I gave Bu Saef the rein.