Alehouses [noun]

Definition of Alehouses:

business establishment that primarily serves liquor

Synonyms of Alehouses:

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Sentence/Example of Alehouses:

After that Wilson spent his days in the alehouse, until he got delirium, and died half starved at the age of seventy.

Her father, who was not in the best circumstances, did not show me much attention, and I was obliged to lodge at an alehouse.

There are two public houses open to the poorer citizens—the Alehouse and the Workhouse.

For if the rich have by their laws made a mess of the alehouse, what about the other public-house—the workhouse?

Having no objection to this, we left the house together, and were soon comfortably seated in the warm corner of an alehouse.

Only last week, within a mile of this alehouse, I got a two-shilling piece from a man in a very simple manner.

Theres Flint Jackson, his deaf old woman, and the young people lodging with him, all drinking and boozing away at yon alehouse.

Shebeen or sheebeen; an unlicensed public-house or alehouse where spirits are sold on the sly.

The alehouse was kept by that cousin of Felix's who was so fond of 'delicate cold turkey,' and who had such choice cherry-brandy.

Do ye make an alehouse of my lady's house, that ye squeak out your cozier's catches without any mitigation or remorse of voice?