Alembic [noun]

Definition of Alembic:

holder for physical object

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Sentence/Example of Alembic:

All these were to be reduced to powder and placed in a glass alembic and dissolved.

Alembic, al-em′bik, n. a vessel used by the old chemists in distillation.

I then turned my attention to a receiver, connected by a worm with an alembic on the furnace.

You pass it through alembic after alembic, it comes out still a Dishonesty, with a new dress on it, a new colour to it.

Tortured in the human alembic, she was at length resolved, seeing with a vision that pierced all her horizons.

Resinous matter mixed with volatile oil is easily detected, being left in the alembic after distillation.

The alembic may be then disengaged from the platinum tube, and lifted out of its seat.

Each operation may be conveniently finished in twelve hours; so that each alembic may refine with ease 160 marcs daily.

This weak fluid may be pumped back into the alembic, as the preliminary charge of a fresh operation.

Without his knowledge, she proceeded to actual experiment with rude crucible and alembic in her own chamber.